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Few tips for washing your silks at home

Few tips for washing your silks at home

The silk sarees that we love are not just expensive but also need to be treated with care to keep them alive. The storage and washing methods for pattu or silk sarees are different from the methods used for cotton, linen and other designer sarees. 

Firstly, read and understand the care label that comes with every piece of clothing you own. If the garment has a care label that reads ‘Dry Clean Only’, do not wash the garment at home. Instead, give the garment for dry cleaning.

  1. It is not advisable to wash a silk saree in the washing machine. It should either be washed with hands delicately or dry cleaned
  2. Wash the zaririch parts of the saree (like the palluor the borders) separately at the beginning. Make sure you dry it quickly. Do not leave the saree wet and crumpled for a long time
  3. To check colour-fastness, dab an inconspicuous area of the saree with a wet white cloth to check for colour loss. In case the saree is colour-fast, dry cleaning it would be the best option
  4. Always wash your silk sarees with water at room temperature
Here are some tips on how to wash silk sarees at home: 
  • Use a mild detergent like ‘Love&Care Shining Silks’ which is designed exclusively for silk. It is designed to be pH neutral and does not contain enzymes and bleach. Its low foaming formula avoids over rinsing and hence enables quick washing
  • Use one cap of ‘Love&Care Shining Silks’ liquid in half bucket of water to wash 2-3 silk garments
  • Soak your garment for not more than 5 minutes to avoid over exposure to water
  • Rinse gently but do not twist or wring as this can distort the shape of your garment
  • Allow the washed wet sarees to air dry instead of tumbling them dry. Ensure that your garments are kept away from direct sunlight

Once dry, iron your saree using recommended settings (medium / low heat). It is advisable to keep your saree between two white clothes while ironing. 

Store the saree in a cool and dry place. Do not use plastic bags to store silks with zari / metal yarns as plastic can react with embellishments and turn them dark. Zari could also oxidise when exposed to humid air and hence using a cotton lined cover is the best way to ensure that silks remain protected.

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