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Few tips to wash your fine cottons with utmost care

Few tips to wash your fine cottons with utmost care

Sob stories on how your favourite items of clothing were ruined by washing / dry cleaning are quite common. Some extra care while washing your cottons can preserve their lifespan, retain their natural softness and colour and protect against fading.

We have put down a list of things you can do to protect your cottons without much effort:

  1. Sorting
  • It is recommended to wash garments of similar shades in one go to prevent dyes in these fabrics (if colour-fast) from ruining the feebly coloured clothes
  • Choose normal / room temperature water for washing as coloured cotton is more prone to shrinkage in warm water. Denims and other heavy fabrics too must be washed with water at room temperature in order to preserve colour
  • Heavier items such as towels, blankets, sheets etc. should be washed separately and not with delicate clothing as they are likely to tamper with lighter clothes when washed in a machine
  1. Treat stains before wash
  • Avoid stains by treating them as soon as they occur by rubbing club soda or just plain water on the affected area
  • While trying to treat the stained areas, make sure that you do not press too hard as it may result in pushing the stain deeper
  • If it has been sometime since the spill has occurred and the stain has dried out, treat it with a solvent designed for stain removal or use normal liquid detergent in small amounts with water before washing (The best way is to use a clean toothbrush for rubbing the detergent in stain affected areas)
  1. Choose an appropriate temperature

The care label in most cases will have special instructions on this. But on a general note,

  • Hot / lukewarm water can shrink as well as fade cotton fabrics
  • Hot water is recommended for washing towels, sheets etc in order to kill bacteria likely to be present in them
  • Finer versions of cotton fabric or linens may require a comparatively more delicate spin cycle
  1. Select a suitable product

For your average cottons, a regular detergent might suffice. However, for finer versions of the fabric and special clothes, use an expert care wash like ‘Love&Care Fine Cottons’ which is designed exclusively for cottons. Its special anti-pilling formula will help in preventing colour fading and pilling thus taking care of your fine cotton clothes.

  1. Let it dry thoroughly
  • Dryers are likely to shrink most cotton fabrics except for heavier towels, sheets, curtains etc.
  • It is recommended to air-dry your denims, sweaters, linens and other delicate wear
  • When using a dryer, remove the cottons immediately to make sure they do not wrinkle up
  • Use the iron at low heat for cotton garments

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