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Follow these tips to give your delicate clothes the best wash

Follow these tips to give your delicate clothes the best wash

Embellished garments are the most desired part of every wardrobe. They deserve to be treated in an exquisite manner to preserve their lifespan. Handwashing is always the safer and better option when it comes to taking care of delicates and special clothes.

  • The first step is to scan your garment carefully to find out how exactly the embellishments have been attached to the fabric. This will help you figure out if the garment can be washed at home or not
  • If the garment has threads or beads (as a part of the embellishment) with tiny holes at the ends, it means that they have been stitched into the fabric
  • Make sure that all loose threads are mended and stitched back securely before washing the garment to prevent the loss of sequins or beads
  • If the sequins or beads have been glued to the fabric, ensure that the glue does not flow away during a wash. This can be done by dipping a bead in lukewarm water for a few minutes. If the bead loosens up, approach the dry cleaners

 Use a mild detergent like ‘Love&Care Shining Silks’ which is designed exclusively to care for silk. It is designed to be pH neutral and does not contain enzymes and bleach. Its low foaming formula avoids over rinsing and hence enables quick washing.

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