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About Product

  • What is Love & Care?

Love & Care is a premium expert care range offering fabric wash solution to care for different types of fine fabrics. The brand is being launched in three variants – Shining Silks, Fine Cottons and Soft Woollens each product expertly designed, and tailor-made to deal with a variety of fabrics and intricate embellishments.

  • What are the advantages of using Love & Care?

Love & Care has been conceptualized, designed and manufactured keeping in mind the diversity of delicate fabrics in your wardrobe. The gentle pH balanced formula of Love & Care doesn’t react with embellishments and maintains the shine and look of your special clothes, keeping them looking like new for longer.

  • Is this a fabric conditioner for after-wash use?

No. Love & Care is an expert care wash/laundry liquid designed for your special clothes. A wash using L&C may be followed by the use of fabric conditioners such as Comfort.

  • Will washing with this product ensure that the dyes/zari/bead work etc. in the fabric remains intact?

The gentle pH balanced formula of Love & Care doesn’t react with the embellishments and maintains the charm of your special clothes, keeping them looking new-like for all occasions. Moreover, it has also been designed such that it retains almost all kinds of dyes; be it vegetable, indigo or even ethnic ones like tie & dye, Kalamkari and Block prints.


  • Do not use on clothes with “Dry Clean Only” tag
  • If there is no care label, do a patch test: rub a wet cotton bud on the inside of your garment and check to see if any colour appears on the bud – if it does, then your garment should go to the dry cleaners to avoid damaging the colour.

How to Use

  • How do we use this product?

Instructions for use:

  • Mix 1 cap (35 mL) of liquid detergent in half a bucket of water
  • Soak clothes in the mixture (Refer pack for instructions for the time for which the garments need to be soaked)
  • Rinse gently and dry in shade
  • Can this product be used in the washing machine?

Yes. It is however recommended to hand wash your special clothes to ensure utmost care.

  • How much quantity of the laundry liquid is required per wash?

(Refer the pack for instructions specific to the variant in use)

Silk variant 1 cap (35 mL) for half a bucket of water to wash 2-3 sarees or 5-6 kurtis /tops
Cotton variant 1 cap (35 mL) for half a bucket of water to wash 5-6 cotton garments
Woollen variant 1 cap (35 mL) for half a bucket of water to wash 5-6 woollen garments
  • Can we use this product to wash clothes labelled dry-clean only?

No. First and foremost, read the care label attached to your item of clothing and follow the instructions. If a garment in your wardrobe has a care label that reads “Dry Clean Only”, do as instructed and do not wash with water.

Safety and Storage

  • How do I store the product to ensure that quality remains intact?

Store the product in a cool and dry place to ensure best quality

  • Is this product safe on hands?

Yes. The product has been carefully crafted to be mild enough for a hand-wash.

About Pack Size

  • Which sizes are Love & Care packs available in?

All variants of Love & Care are available in two different pack sizes – 950 mL and 500mL